Love handles in progress

I have this thing for sweets (not a big surprise there) so when I met my friend Margit for a cup of coffee at Muffin Bakery today I could not leave without having tasted their carrot-cake muffin. Yummy in my tummy! Honestly, never understood how people can stick to sweets only in the weekends. If there is a magical recipe for that, please share. Or you know what, never mind! I don´t want to go through life with limitations on when to enjoy chocolate or pastries.

Now I am off to meet an old colleague for a drink or two! Started the day with yoga and smoothie bowl, ending it with muffin and cocktails, aaah the balance people!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia


Create your own sunshine

The alarm rang at 06:00. I turned in a haze to shut it off and go back to sleep. No way I was going to get up in that cold, with the grey weather outside. As I was lying there, ready to fall back to sleep I noticed the sound of the rain against our window, and I remembered this used to be my favorite time of the year. When it gets colder, but it is not too cold.  When you can snuggle up under warm blankets and read or when you can go for long walks in a crispy fresh air.  When you can do yoga in the light of candles. Why was I sleeping all of this away? So I got up, rolled out my mat and completed day 1 of 30 Days of Yoga in the light of some candles.

Now I am freshly showered, happier than in a long time in the early morning hours and munching on my homemade smoothie bowl. It is still raining, it is still grey and it is still cold, but sometimes you just got to create your own sunshine.

In my smoothie bowl I have frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, lots of fresh spinach, ½ avocado and oat milk. Topped with my favorite muesli from Renée Voltaire. Enjoy your day!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Dog patrol

Ok, remind me to never again announce on my blog that I will start doing yoga again, because it totally backfired, me not feeling well and spending most of the weekend on the sofa. Haha, hopefully I will get started tomorrow (hope I am not jinxing it)!

I have therefore done as little as possible, sleeping, sleeping and sleeping some more. But, since we had cute little Dallas to take care of we managed some walks on Djurgården. And the sun even showed itself, hallelujah!

The upcoming week is fully booked with work and some fun, before heading to the mountains on Thursday. Can´t wait! What is in your agenda?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Back to being me  

This spring my life spun a bit out of control and I got totally exhausted. It was like my body shut down completely, making me both sick and sleepy. I went from sleeping around 5-6 hours a night, getting up early in the morning to do yoga or go to the gym, to sleeping ten hours a night and still be so tired that I needed to nap during the day. Rarely managing to get on the mat or get my ass over to the gym.

However, during the last few weeks I have made some changes in my life and slowly my energy is getting back to me. I am still sleepy, but not nearly as much as I was earlier this summer and now it is finally time to get back on the mat on a daily basis again. Yoga is without doubt something I benefit from, both mentally and physically and the best way to both start or end the day.

Sponsored: Yogamat from Yogish Collective / Thights from Myactivestyle 

I will be following my favorite online teacher, Adriene Mishler, and will start off with her 30-day yoga challenge from back in 2015. You can find all her videos on YouTube if you feel like joining me. Why not give it a try and join me in finding what feels good.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia


Waking up to this face

This weekend we are taking care of Dallas, my boyfriend’s parents dog. He is without doubt the cutest and smartest dog, who prefers sleeping and cuddling over almost anything. The only thing better for him is food! Since my boyfriend is still sick I have spent almost a week sleeping on the sofa now, but this morning it was not so bad. Look at his face!

Spending some hours working before I am headed out to a meeting with Michael Glover, the guy behind rebirth fitness. Going to meet at Snickarbacken 7, one of my favorite places in Stockholm (where they also allow dogs). Ever been? If not I highly recommend it.

Also, blogger Matilda Spetz did an interview with Mo and me a while back and today it got published. So grateful and happy she reached out, giving us a chance to talk about our passion; Best of You. Go check it out here (in Swedish though).

Happy FriYaY peeps

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia





Today I give myself a big high five! Worked until my fingers bled (yep, I am kinda exaggerating) and got tons of work done. All in the company of Marie, and later on Sofie. I even helped Marie solve a technical issue on her website, so I hereby declare myself a genius – haha! It was so great to have some company and get stuff checked off my to-do list. Love working on Best of You and have the time during the day to really focus on it, not just stress-work before bedtime.

My glasses are to protect me from the blue light from my computer screen, not because I secretly have been wearing glasses, like some of you asked. 

Afterwards I went to the store and of course ended up grocery shopping with half of Stockholm. Anyone else just hates that? Baby strollers rolling over your feet, people walking into you everywhere, long lines and angry and/or hungry people everywhere. I admit it, I wanted to punch someone (turning into one of them), but I managed to restrain myself and got home in one piece. Cooked dinner for me and my man, which for the third time this week involved ketchup. Jesus, I need to get rid of that bottle. Ketchup in my heart forever #sorrynotsorry

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Hotel breakfast

This day started well, waking up to sun and having breakfast with my dad at Mornington Hotel. He has been here for business and we managed to both eat pizza and drink wine on Monday evening and meet again today before he headed back to Oslo.

Sadly it was “to early” for my dad for pictures, but the food gladly posed for my camera, hihi

Now I am sitting at Sup46 the rest of the day, working on Best of You and our upcoming event in Oslo. A huge thing for Best of You, but also challenging, since all our contacts are here in Stockholm. But looks like most has fallen into place and it´s going to be awesome! Can’t wait to meet some of our Norwegian followers in addition to having friends and family there.  We also have an event coming up next week in Stockholm, read all about that here.

I find it easier to be structured and get through my to-do list when I am sitting with others, rather than home alone. Working from home feels like a challenge sometimes; hello Netflix.

Ok, got to work peeps! Have a wonderful day

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia