Suprise party gone wrong

Tomorrow my bestie Lisa is turning 30, and that’s the whole reason I went to Oslo this weekend; to host a surprise birthday for her, together with Emilie. Turns out that secret lasted about five minutes, but a party was hosted and the craziest addition to our gang got good food, cake, presents and tons of love for her birthday!

The prettiest birthday girl 

We wouldn’t be the same without you 

Look at that smile (and cake!)

It was a short trip, but I am so glad I got to celebrate my girl. I am already home and back in the swing of things, and tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are finally kicking off City Spa Yoga fall edition! Can’t wait!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

My shelter on a rainy day

Oslo is so cold! A huge difference from home and the rain is pouring down. So after my dentist appointment (let´s not talk about the war), I found shelter at Grønn Lilleaker. Such a beautiful green oasis.

I ordered a breakfast consisting of hummus and greens, juice and coffee. All I need to keep warm and healthy and am now blogging, editing photos and working on my “secret project”! Haha, the most annoying thing a blogger can write, right?

Next up is a business meeting with Burt’s Bee, and I am looking really forward to a possible collaboration and see what fun we can do together.

How is you Friday so far?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Oslos first earthquake

I am in Oslo over the weekend and I of course just had to take the time to go see the movie “Skjelvet”! Been waiting for that movie for weeks, and my bestie Lisa and I spent two whole hours of watching Oslo being totally destroyed by an earthquake. Supposedly it can happen in real life, so guess it is a good thing I don’t live here anymore… Think we gasped in horror during half the movie!

Lisas level of excitement, hihi 

We of course watched it at Colloseum, Oslos biggest Cinema

Comfy in pink

Oslo (getting shook to pieces)

Seriously a must see! If not, at least enjoy the trailer!

Tomorrow is a loooong day filled with meetings, lunch, dinners plans and other fun stuff so I am off to dreamland!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Ladies, we got to talk

Since my operation, I have had to use sanitary pads. I normally never use that and of course went to my local store and bought some. Turns out, 10 days later I have an infection. Which according to my doctor is quite normal when using pads. I didn’t think much of it, focusing all my intention on being irritated on yet another problem, but it was when I got the tip from my mom to look for organic options instead, I started thinking.

Organic? But what is in the pads I have now?

After having done some research I found that the issue of safe feminine hygiene products is HUGE! And rarely discussed. Because who would like to be the freak that discusses blood coming out of your vagina? Well, guess I am. It’s after all a vitally important topic for roughly a third of the population.

So, what´s really in sanitary pads and tampons?

Well, as it turns out, conventional sanitary pads and tampons are filled with synthetic materials and chemicals, and can contain the equivalent of about four plastic bags! FOUR PLASTIC BAGS ladies! And chemicals within the plastic alone include potentially toxic pesticides and petrochemicals. And have you ever stopped to wondered why feminine hygiene products are so bright white? No? Not me either! But get this: to get that pure look, manufacturers use chlorine bleach.

That’s quite a chemical concoction to put in contact with the most sensitive skin on our body.

Our skin is after all the largest organ in our body, and also the thinnest! So less than one-tenth of an inch separates your body from potential toxins. I don’t know about you, but it is horrifying! And I think it is important to speak about it.

After only doing a short Instagram story on this topic yesterday, several women wrote me they suffer from infections on a regular basis and they never understood why. Well ladies, maybe time to upgrade your products and see what happens? Because during a lifetime, the average woman will use between 16,000 and 24,000 tampons/pads depending on how long her body menstruates. Without the ability to rid these toxins absorbed, they accumulate over time.

Luckily there are alternatives that you can choose to lessen your exposure to the materials contained in various products (if you want – and I would say you should).

  1. Organic cotton tampons, free from synthetic materials, pesticides, bleach and other harmful chemicals. Check out Yoppie for example.
  2. Organic sanitary pads. Available in health food stores. And no worries, these products must pass an absorbency test so you are not likely to find any reduction in the quality.
  3. Menstrual cup. An alternative many woman go for these days.

I am no expert, and there might be tons of different opinions on this topic, and I would love to hear them all! I am just speaking for myself when saying I am never going to use regular sanitary pads (or tampons) ever again. I want the natural choice to be products that don´t harm my body.

Good luck ladies, let’s keep taking care of our pussy power!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Combining passion with intention

Monday is here and a brand new week lies in front of us, but sadly, so many of us wake up today, dreading to have to go to work. Who already long for the weekend and those blissful 48hours of freedom.

But you know what? As cliché as it might sound; life is to short to not spend it doing something you at least enjoy, if not love.

If there were no limits, what would you work with? What is your dream job?

Maybe time for a change? Because resenting what you do for a living is not living.

Last week I was invited to an event, where the founder of Female Founders Club talked about just this topic: combining passion with intention. About how most people think of their passion as a hobby, like something completely decoupled from what they currently earn money on. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

It is all about finding your passion and live with the intention of actually following it. Try to disconnect the brain for a little while and focus on what your heart is trying to tell you. And dare to dream!

Maybe time for a change?

Malin, founder of Female Founders Club holding an eye opening lecture 

Power ladies mingling and exchanging thoughts 

Where there is food, you’ll find me 

When they serve brie my willpower to be a full time vegan is sadly gone 

We also got to listen to Camilla Lind, a lawyer from the law firm Kriström, who gave some good tips on what to consider when starting your own business and when choosing your company form. A very good addition to Malin´s lecture.

So, if you feel lack of motivation on this beautiful Monday morning, or in desperate need of some inspiration; then I can warmly recommend you to start your day by signing up to Female Founders Club, or follow them on InstagramHappy Monday ❤

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Sunday morning refresher

For some people, Sunday is just like any other day. Wake up. Grind. Get stuff done. Go to bed. Ready go, Monday morning! And even though I love productive Sundays, my mornings are holy! Because nothing beats a slow Sunday morning.

After having been glued to the screen for the last 48 hours, working on Best of You´s brand new website (soooo excited) and cleaning up the entire mess of content from the last 2,5 years (dear lord), I am now refreshing on a cup of homemade juice and some blogging, in total silence.

Glas straws: Stream / Recipe from my mom 

The recipe is as easy as juicing 6 carrots, 2 beetroots, 1 big chunk of ginger, 3 oranges and 1 lime. A true Sunday refresher and an easy way to get in some healthy foods! I kinda overdosed on cookies yesterday, so I need this, badly…

In a few hours Charlotte is coming over for a photoshoot (not that I would say my hard drive can fit anymore image files) and I am super excited to get out of that PJ mode that I have been stuck in last few days. Time to freshen up and get back to the real world.

Happy Sundays! What are you all up to today?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Back in time

Haymarket in Stockholm is the one place I go if I want a little time to pamper myself. The whole place cheers me up with its pink decor, marble surfaces, big green plants and old school music. It´s like stepping into a cafe from the 1920s (not that I know anything about how that was, other than what I have seen in movies, but you get my drift). A little get away in the busy streets of Stockholm.


haymarket2This place, full of optimism and elegance, combined with a warm cappuccino and my work, definitely creates joy. The little things in life, you know?!

Any “little” thing you enjoy from time to time?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

A grateful yogini

Every once in a while I stop, take a step back (not literally) and look at how lucky I am to live such a good life. A huge contrast to my latest post, I know – hypocrite, sorry about that! But seriously, some moments I can’t  believe how lucky I am.

One of those moments was when I had the privilege to meet Adriene Mishler, as she kicked off her Find What Feels Good Roadshow in Stockholm.

The woman who helped me learn to love myself and find what feels good, both on and off the mat.


Adriene is a yoga teacher from Austin, Texas who has built a global yoga community on Yoga With Adriene, her YouTube channel, with nearly 4 million subscribers. Making yoga accessible to millions of people.

It’s not about doing it right, it’s about having fun and doing it together.

I have been a part of her community for almost two years, and her words have had a big impact on my life. Getting to participate in one of her classes in real life and then get to talk to her afterwards was… amazing! She even said yes to an interview for Best of You. How awesome is that?!


Such a down to earth, kind, funny and genuine person

Right now she has a 14-day yoga course named “Yoga for all” going on, created to bring yoga to ALL people, especially those who need it the most and might get it the least. Join hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. Read more here. 


Now I just need to patiently wait until I can start working out again, and then you know where to find me!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Good vibes only

You know when life kinda sucks just a little, but then your realise that compared to a lot of other people it doesn’t suck at all, and it leaves you feeling like a jerk because you let the negative thoughts take over for a little while. That has been me about every single day the last week. Ask my boyfriend how fun I am to be around!

libresseMy beloved accessory these days

Nevertheless, today is all about good vibes, because I am working from home, in my comfy (read stylish) PJ, drinking coffee from my favorite cup, while waiting for Marie to come and entertain me with her work spirit!

Hiding behind my coffee

Keeping warm with the ugliest warming pillow in history 

But home office is most certainly comfy and cozy 

Later I am forced to get dressed (hmm, red suit might the best choice) because I am invited to a business-girl event.  I am actually pretty excited about that though!

Back to business now!
Lots of love from Henriette Sophia